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David Matheson left York Regional Police on the 31st of March, 1988, and became a paralegal the next day. He knew that the traffic ticket industry was still in its infancy, and people needed a reason to retain assistance. Why would they pay a fee for someone to attend court and hope the policeman wouldn’t show up? Before he could educate them that real defenses were available, or at least more palatable resolutions, Matheson realized that first, the phone had to ring.

Present to the age-old maxim that, “marketing attracts customers, and quality keeps them.” he resolved to do the unthinkable.

“I’ll guarantee my wins!” And thereby set the industry on its ear.

Matheson acknowledged the single most frequently asked question was, “Okay, but what if I don’t win? Then I get the points, the fine, my insurance premiums skyrocket, and I’m out your fee as well.” While the question is realistically a shallow one, as it discounts completely the issues of time and expertise, the concept of risk-reversal, is without doubt the surest way to cement customer peace of mind.

And so, the We Win or it’s Free! was born.

Interestingly, while the public response was entirely predictable, Matheson’s forecast that the rest of the industry would eventually follow suit, couldn’t have been less accurate. He incorrectly reasoned that all conscientious agents would be more than prepared, even if only on specific request, if not corporate policy, to demonstrate to their clients why they want to win, beyond the hope of a referral somewhere down the road. Instead, with the exception of a few small independent paralegals, most of whom are former employees of X-Copper Legal, the popular opinion among the majority of firms is still the steadfast, “you-pay-me-I-do-job” (…and results be damned) line of thinking. Indeed some have even devoted space in their websites to appropriately myopic interpretations of what a guarantee “truly is”, and therefore why their conscience disallows such chicanery.

Would not common sense naturally impel the question, “If conscience be thy guide, and your clients’ interests paramount, why not perfect the guarantee process?” What an opportunity!

Such puerile efforts at one-upmanship is exactly why X-Copper Legal Services is far and away both the largest and fastest growing paralegal firm, employing thirty-two full-time, and forty-six part-time staff in seven locations throughout the province, firmly entrenched as the Hallmark of Client-Care.

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