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Address: 97 Six Point Rd, Toronto, ON
Postal code: M8Z 2X3
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411S.CA No. LK62113

Established in Canada in 1988, MEEST has become the largest Ukrainian company through which the Slavic community (Ukrainians, Moldovans, Belarussians, Russians and others) living abroad sends consumer goods and money transfers to relatives and friends living in their respective homelands. Monthly, MEEST handles over 600,000 kg of parcel shipments, and millions of dollars in money transfers.
For the 14 plus years since its establishment, MEEST has earned a reputation for its good business practices, ethical management and serving its customers with commitment and integrity.As a result, we enjoy the trust of millions of people who use our services.
MEEST corporate offices are located in Toronto, Canada.With more than 400 offices and representatives in the USA, Canada and Australia, we have become the international parcel and money transfer service provider of choice for Ukrainians: between 75% - 80% of Ukrainians in these countries use our services.We are quickly becoming the preferred service provider for many other communities, as well.
MEEST also has offices and representatives in the U.K., Belgium, Germany, Spain and Poland.Representative offices are currently being developed in Portugal, Italy, Greece, and the Czech Republic.

The MEEST Family of Services
Since 1992, MEEST-Travel, now the largest Ukrainian travel service provider, has served the Slavic community's travel needs through its extensive network of representative offices and agents. In addition to the above, MEEST also provides tourism and hospitality services
An important part of the MEEST family is MEEST-Media, which includes: the weekly television program Ukrainian Herald (Visnyk Ukrainy); daily radio programs in Toronto, Detroit, Chicago, and Philadelphia; and MEEST, the largest Ukrainian-language publication in the West with over 20,000 copies distributed weekly.

Supporting Communities Abroad
MEEST's development and activities are tightly intertwined with the life of Slavic communities abroad.MEEST is one of the prime organizers and regular sponsor of practically all Ukrainian festivals, concerts, and art events in North American, as well as in other Slavic communities.
We support and assist Ukrainian not-for-profit, volunteer and charitable organizations, and various mass media fora.
We are especially glad to be able to assist the so-called Fourth Wave of Ukrainian immigration with issues around adaptation, securing basic necessities, and questions of legal status, as well as encouraging a sense of belonging.We do this through various consultations, assistance in establishing immigrant organizations, kindergartens, schools, and entertainment events, among other things.
In Toronto, MEEST has opened and operates the largest recreation centre in the Slavic community. This centre includes a restaurant, night club and banquet halls.

Investing in Ukraine
For over 14 years, MEEST has invested more than USD 20 million in Ukraine, and established twelve Ukrainian-Canadian joint ventures which continue to successfully operate in Ukraine.Four of these are recognized leaders in their respective areas of activity.These are ROSAN, ROSAN-CAPITAL, ROSAN-PAK and ROSAN-AGRO.These companies have been recognized by the Canadian Embassy in Ukraine, the Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers, as well as the Canadian government which considers these to be among the best existing Canadian-Ukrainian joint ventures.
JV ROSAN: (established in 1992) is a leading Ukrainian company that provides international postal /courier services and international cargo shipment services.
ROSAN-CAPITAL (established in 1993) is one of the first investment companies in Ukraine. provides services in the areas of marketing and business research and consulting, investment services, and investment project development.
ROSAN-PAK (established in 1997) is a leading Ukrainian manufacturer and retailer of plastic packaging. It has 85% of the market share in Ukraine, with 700 r

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